Disease Landscape Assessment
Derive insights on molecules of similar MoA and trials with similar design approaches. Identify unmet needs in the disease area. Evaluate post-marketing safety reports of similar molecules. Review and categorize PK/PD studies Reduce time to market with a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape in a disease area. Expedite study center selection, based on patient load and legacy information.
Pricing, Payer and Regulatory Analysis
Understand the opportunities and challenges in a potential launch market to determine viability and priority. Derive deeper insight into pricing and payer/ regulatory approval requirements for a launch market and prioritize resources accordingly.
C4 (Compound, Customer, Consumer & Competitor) insights
Identify the drivers and barriers for prescription among HCPs and patients and their strength of preference for drugs within an indication. Understand the opportunities to position and promote your drug vs. competition.
Identify distinct cohorts of HCPs and patients based on their professional and personal attributes and their inclination to prescribe / consume the drugs. Map the changing patient pathways and optimize marketing and sales efforts to maximize influence and drive impact.
Brand tracking
Track the performance of drugs from awareness and trial to sentiment analysis, perception, and behavioral change. Monitor changes in the Product Adoption Pathway (PAP). Adapt sales and marketing efforts based on changing external factors.
Multi-Channel Optimization
Understand and map digital behavior, online sources, and high relevance topics for KOLs and HCPs. Analyze the most effective channels to engage doctors and patients. Reduce costs and increase impact of marketing spend.