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Engineer - Machine Learning


  • As part of a highly productive and creative AI (NLP) team, you will be primarily working on textual data processing to handle challenging and evolving business requirements.
  • You will be involved in design and development of robust and scalable systems to integrate ML solutions with the product.
  • You will also spend time optimizing models and algorithms for performance, reliability and scalability, to be consumed by products downstream at scale.
Interface with data scientists, project managers, and the engineering team to achieve sprint goals on the product roadmap. Design Discussions with the technical architect and other ML engineers to validate feasibility and viability of approaches. Own Modules E2E and take up module experiment or development depending on the module’s state in ML lifecycle.
Senior ML Engineer, ML Architect


  • A company which focuses on your career progression
  • Exposure to artificial intelligence in research in multiple domains
  • First-hand experience on the transformative impact of AI on business insights and market research
  • Peek into the minds of leaders of Fortune 500 companies
  • Experience work autonomy, ownership and trust
  • Cross-functional opportunities in a transparent and collaborative work environment


  • Partner with product team, business team, and (feedback from) End users to gain business understanding, data understanding, and collect requirements.
  • Research and Experiment with various NLP methodologies to meet the expectations on the business requirements.
  • Write high-quality code, majorly in Python, conforming to design patterns, OOPs and other industry coding standards.
  • Converting ML Algorithms and analytics logic to a production grade ML system based on the product’s demand.
  • Design and Integration of ML Pipelines with various products in collaboration with various stakeholders.
  • Setup ML Module deployment and monitoring using CI/CD Tools, MLFlow, Kubeflow etc.
  • Propose and develop solutions for code optimization for better performance and lower latency.
  • Closely work with Technical Architect to design the scaling architecture for the completed modules.


Must haves:

  • Problem-solving abilities.
  • Extremely strong programming background – data structures and algorithms.
  • Advanced Machine Learning and NLP concepts and tools: PyTorch, LLMs, Hugging Face, NLTK, Word2Vec, Graph databases, BERT (and derived models), hyperparameter tuning, GPU acceleration.
  • Experience with OOPs and design patterns.
  • Git Version Control and Unit Testing.
  • Exposure to RDBMS/NoSQL.
  • Basic Linux/Unix experience.

Good to haves:

  • Working in cloud-native environments (preferably Azure).
  • Understanding of test-driven development methodology.
  • Understanding of microservices architectures.
  • Understanding of distributed systems.
  • Experience with headless Linux/Unix environments.

Client Engagement