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AI Intern


The engineering intern will be responsible for supporting the AI (Data Science) Team in developing algorithm designs, tests, and core AI functions for ongoing projects/new project initiatives. The intern will work primarily with the AI Team on developing scalable Machine Learning pipelines. The key stakeholders are Senior Data Scientists and Senior Machine Learning Engineers.
These AI initiatives include identifying key research and development strategies for NLP (Natural Language Processing) tasks, a strong foundational knowledge in algorithm design, software development and testing. Applied statistics/python knowledge is pre-requisite for all tasks.
Passionate to learn about cutting edge solutions in machine learning, AI, and deep learning? GrapheneAI will offer that space for you. We are seeking interns who have the strongest interest to advance the computing future by working on cutting-edge technology.  


  • A company which focuses on your career progression
  • Exposure to artificial intelligence in research in multiple domains
  • First-hand experience on the transformative impact of AI on business insights and market research
  • Peek into the minds of leaders of Fortune 500 companies
  • Experience work autonomy, ownership and trust
  • Cross-functional opportunities in a transparent and collaborative work environment

What You'll do

  • Supporting the AI Team with all on-going and new software development activities
  • Supporting and researching appropriate design and engineering specifications for NLP oriented tasks
  • Developing scalable code for key machine learning pipelines
  • Supporting the other key stakeholders with new software initiatives 
  • Adhering to project management guidelines for on-going engagements 

Client Engagement