Market mapping and usage patterns
Analyze competitors and the strength of their equity for key purchase drivers. Usage patterns, features used/not-used/missing and changing attitudes for credit/debit cards, personal loans, mortgages.
Identify Emerging Trends & Acknowledged Beliefs
Understand acknowledged belief of consumers and the emerging social, cultural, product and services trends in the market with respect to purchase behavior and adoption helping in new product development and marketing communication.
Precision Marketing & Hyper Segmentation
Leverage the power of AI driven insight to identify hyper segments in your customer base and to identify levers for precision marketing and enabling opportunities to retain, cross-sell and upsell.
Brand Health Track and Campaign/Marketing effectiveness
Get changing drivers of choice and the respective changing associations of your brand and competitors. Shifting attitudes of individuals towards life, health, investments, insurance, expenses, job security, family, wealth etc. Perceptions of corporate brand vis-à-vis CSR activities and experience with various channels/aspects of banking – branch/online/app, call centres, customer service, ATM etc.